You can’t fuck with divine timing.

“It’s not happening fast enough, Tommy.”
“I’m doing all the work, but it’s not working.”
“If this doesn’t happen in a month, I’m quitting.”

The truth is:

You can’t out-hustle, out-grit, out-friction, out-annihilate, out-Gary Vee your way to making the things you want to come to life solely on YOUR time.

(Sounds kinda selfish when we put it on paper, doesn’t it?)

Because, sure, you can and should:

  • Plant seeds.
  • Take bold action.
  • Create every day.
  • Be disciplined and focused.
  • Make moves that scare you.

…and be able to take at least ONE meaningful, powerful step towards your dream(s) and vision every day.

(If you’re not doing this, you don’t have a dream —but you have a cute Fantasy you can vision board up next to The Secret DVD you have.)

But while all of these are big parts of the equation, it’s still only a part.

Because there’s another, much less talking about part:

  • Creating space.
  • Having patience.
  • Leaving time for the unknown.
  • Practicing deep faith and trust.
  • Detaching from your outcomes.

…and allowing divine timing unlock doors you couldn’t see, at the right times, with the right opportunities and people.

Because here’s what I know to be true:

There is so much happening under the hood you cannot and aren’t supposed to see:

  • The right ingredients.
  • The right raw material.
  • The right daily choices.
  • The right environments.

And when all of these materialize, and come together —it will be a magical site.

Here in Arizona, we have the Agave:

Beautiful, majestic plants that practice an inordinate amount of patience.

But when they bloom, oh, they fucking bloom:

Once in a lifetime, sometimes up to 40 or 50 feet, towering over everyone else around them, seen from miles away.

So, if you’re out there and it’s not happening fast enough:

  • Where can you practice faith?
  • Where can you practice trust?
  • When can you practice space?
  • Where can you practice letting go?

I teach and train my clients on achievement, discipline, structure, routines, mindsets, bold leaps, decisive moves…

But I also teach them to play the long game, and to allow for divine timing to play its part, too.

Because here’s the rub:

High performance and spirituality are not counter to one another —and they actually fuel and support one another.


  • There is power in letting go.
  • There is power in detachment.
  • There is power in surrendering.

And then waking up tomorrow, and doing it all over again.

Resist Average,


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