The worst advice I ever got happened recently from a well-known coach to entrepreneurs who told me:

“You shouldn’t write books, Tommy, they don’t make money and they’re a waste of time.”

Here’s the deal:

Be careful who gives you guidance.
Be careful who gives you feedback.
Be careful who gives you mentorship.

His statement was the least of the issues as he pitched me like a used car salesman with zero connection and a canned routine that felt straight out of a 3AM informercial.

So, the worst advice I ever got wasn’t simply that —he didn’t “get” it:

He didn’t understand the thousands of hours I’ve spent coming up with an idea, pouring myself onto the page, editing and re-editing, obsessing over every word:

Make me feel alive.
Make me feel inspired.
Make me feel absorbed.
Make me feel connected.
Make me feel purposeful.

When I’m in that place, and when you’re doing what matters in your life as you chase your North Star vision:

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be, lit on fire by purpose and swallowed whole by the present.

And when we chase what makes us feel those emotional states:

We become unstoppable.
We become deeply fulfilled.
We become utterly obsessed.

Why does this matter?

Because people chase a piece of paper with a dead president on it —in the hopes of feeling this.

Now, when you’re on fire with passion, desire and purpose:

You attract value.
You attract resources.
You attract abundance.

So if you’re out there making a dent on what matters most to you but aren’t seeing the value you’d like, remember:

In the grand scheme of things, money is the easy part —but living on purpose, doing what lights you up…

That’s what people go to the grave wishing they’d done once the ‘high’ of the 3rd yacht wears off.

And by the way —if you do it right: you can absolutely do both.

One day, after I’ve written my 11th book —I’ll message that coach and say:

“Thank you for the shitty advice.”

The worst advice I ever got actually became the best as it reminded me to trust myself, harness the power of agency and go all in.

Let me ask you:

What’s the wort advice you’ve ever received?

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