I’ve written 274,000 words during this quarantine season —but I could have bickered about mask politics, spewed misinformation and become radicalized through conspiracy theories.

That’s not a punchline, that’s real life.

The reality is:

No decision occurs in a vacuum —when you say yes to something —you say no to something else:

All of that energy could have been spewed aimlessly in a million directions —or I could have done something that breathes life into me and:

Put my precious time into what matters.

Put my precious energy into my priorities.

Put my precious attention into needle movers.

Now, why does this matter for you?

Saying yes to distraction and checking email for the 44th time —means saying no to your priorities.

Saying yes to gossiping about random strangers you don’t know —means saying no to your mental sanity.

Saying yes to consuming misinformation and political drivel —means saying no to your personal growth.

I am not saying to not be informed, educated and engaged.

(By the way —TheMatrixIsReal666 in rural New Mexico on YouTube may not be the best source for, uh, objective information.)

But what I am saying is:

We all have limited time, energy and attention:

Use them wisely.

Use them for good.

Use them to create.

Use them to expand.

Use them to flourish.

And while this may seem like a “productivity” post —it’s not:

This is about mental sanity.

This is about mental health.

This is about mental wellbeing.

(Which, to be frank, I am brought to my knees about the severity of the problem in this country and I have been torn wide open with sadness about daily.)

Because otherwise, the pain of untapped potential takes over —and instead of creating our lives —we destroy them.

(Trust me, the person spending four hours a day on political vitriol with burner accounts isn’t living a thriving life.)

So, let me ask you:

Will you create, or will you destroy?

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