Most dreams go to die because people who set their audacious goals start to focus on the gap between ‘here’ and ‘there’ —and why it’s not happening fast enough.

The paradox, however, is that:

We need to dream big.
We need to dream loud.
We need to dream boldly.

And most importantly —we need to chase a compelling horizon that wakes us up from our slumber and drifting.

But then —we must shift our focus:

We must focus on the six inches in front of us.
We must focus on the first action in front of us.
We must focus on the simple detail in front of us.

And we need to ‘win’ the day every single day with small wins —that compound over time.

(This is literally the ethos of The 1% Rule which you can pick up here.)

So, how do you win the day?

Pick one tangible metric, action step or needle-mover —that you can use to determine winning the day:

Keep it small.
Keep it simple.
Keep it easy to do.

And by starting your day on Airplane Mode, setting boundaries and winning the day before most people wake up:

You’re emotionally free.
You’re emotionally thriving.
You’re emotionally connected.

And because growth, success and making six-figures is an emotional process —this feeling leads to more motivation.

If I write for at least 30 minutes per day —I’ve won the day, and so:

I write when I’m tired.
I write when I’m stuck.
I write when I’m wiped.

And thirty minutes a day is laughable and I often write for at least two or three hours, do needle-moving work, work on strategic marketing and send 10 pitches before 11AM.

I’ll record or prep for podcasts, polish up my MFA writing for graduate school —and do anywhere from one to four private coaching sessions.

I’ve done a full day’s worth of work before Noon and most of my clients shut it down at 2PM.

But guess what?

This is not my barrier for winning the day.

So I can have the most chaotic, stressful, intense day —and still feel like I’ve won.

And you can do the same:

Win the day.
Win the week.
Win the month.

And ultimately —by winning the day, you win your life.

What does winning the day look like for you?

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