There’s only one reason why people quit, why they give up on themselves —and stop chasing the dream that used to light them on fire.

And guess what?

It’s not a lack of tactics.
It’s not a lack of strategy.
It’s not a lack of information.

It’s not even a lack of clarity, belief and vision.

After a decade in the trenches working with all types of dreamers, visionaries and creatives —I’ve discovered one reason why people quit:

They’re unable to harness the negative emotions that come with growth.

Read that again, because it’ll determine your path too.

Let me explain:

Growth is messy.
Growth is not linear.
Growth is unpredictable.

And because of this, the ego gets whiplashed on the regular.

Which means you’ll have to deal with uncertainty, imposter syndrome, knee-crippling doubt and a host of other negative emotions along your way.

These emotions are part of the processanyone who says they don’t experience these is either stuck in their comfort zone or a bald faced liar.

And so the number one skill, the number one way to protect yourself from quitting is to:

Face the emotions.
Face the uncertainty.
Face the intense doubt.
Face the imposter syndrome.
Face the gnawing impatience.

Face it all the way, feel it in every fiber of your being instead of escaping and avoiding —and then you’ll realize the truth:

  • These emotions are force multipliers.
  • These emotions are limitless potential.
  • These emotions are helping you grow.

And not only are they useful for leaving your comfort zone but they’re the direct path to know who you are.

Personally, I am constantly facing rejection, doubt and have moments where I question it all—where I’m disoriented and feeling like others are so much further along that I’ll never close the gap.

(Like clockwork, I have a day of questioning around every 90 days.)

I’ll often share this with my coaching groups, to drill home the point —questioning yourself means you’re pushing the edges of your comfort zone.

In other words, I ask them:

What if these feelings meant you were on the right track?

Because if you’re in alignment…you are.

Please don’t let a down hour, day, week or heck, month —derail your progress.

Instead, lean in and reap the benefits that await you.

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