Sometimes the most disciplined work you can do is to listen to the voice inside —and pour back into mind, body and spirit through white space.

Here’s the deal:

White space is non-negotiable.
White space is essential for growth.
White space is where the magic happens.

So, what exactly is ‘white space’?

As it sounds —white space is where you go to restore, recover and regenerate:

  • It’s where you go to release your roles and identities.
  • It’s where you go to tap into the deepest clarity inside.
  • It’s where you go to unplug and be unavailable to others.

As important as we know this time is for ourselves —it usually gets put on the backburner:

  • We don’t value it.
  • We don’t honor it.
  • We don’t cherish it.

When I work with clients and have them show me their calendar —I always ask the same question:

Where’s your white space?

And then, we make it a priority —as in the first thing they schedule every single week:

Before meetings.
Before marketing.
Before managing.


Because if you’re not taken care of at a deep level, if you’re not honoring the most authentic part of yourself —then this energy will leak out in random ways:

  • It becomes mindlessly scrolling on social media.
  • It becomes a persistent emotion that keeps you stuck.
  • It becomes a feeling of being disconnected with yourself.

So, what are some forms of white space?

Airplane mode, time unplugged, nature, reading, meditation, forms of art and music, float tanks, massages, energy work, deep conversations, “solo” dates with yourself, present family time, digital detoxes, naps, baths, cold plunges, saunas, breathwork, hobbies, physical fitness, trail runs, long hikes, consciousness work, etc.

You’ll know you’re doing it right when you re-enter the world in a new frame of mind.

So, let me ask you:

Do you harness the power of white space?

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