Stop ignoring the whispers.

“You’re not meant for this career, Kevin.”
“It’s time to chase what calls you, Maria.”
“This relationship is out of alignment, Cheryl.”

These whispers come to you during long drives, staring out the window —in those early mornings when the world is quiet:

And yet, we tend to conveniently ignore these whispers, until:

Until they become louder.
Until they become stronger.
Until they become intensified.

And so this whisper about leaving the 9-5 you can’t stand, the relationship that’s on-off-on, the city you grew up in but have zero desire to live in:

The whisper turns into a clear voice.
The whisper turns into a higher shout.
The whisper turns into a serious matter.

But they’re still easy to ignore, right?

We’ve got routines.
We’ve got all our bills.
We’ve got responsibilities.

What first started as a whisper in our ear, turns into a defiant voice —until we’re delivered a crippling blow:

We walk into our boss’s office and they’re letting us go.

(We realize company loyalty is an illusion, they care more about strangers than their own people.)

We catch ourselves in the middle of a custody battle for the kids.

(We realize our relationship deteoriated one moment at a time, until we adapted to a new normal.)

We wake up one day in a Hospital bed going into surgery.

(We realize none of this lis guaranteed, we are here for a speck of time, and this could be our last sunrise.)

In this place, urgency is at an all-time high —and change is the only option with our back is up against the wall.

Do or freaking die, man.

But I’m here to tell you:

Listen to those whispers before they become soul-crushing existential moments.

Right now, I know you have a whisper…I’ve got one too.

And you haven’t listened to it because it’s not the right time, because of COVID-19 or because it’s not convenient and the kids aren’t back in school.

But guess what?

That whisper isn’t going anywhere —and the stakes will only get higher and higher until you do something about it.

Stop ignoring the whispers.

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