You should always keep grinding away at a creative project, a brand, product or service —until it works, right?

Actually, not at all —part of success is knowing when to quit a creative project of any type:

When to quit.
When to stop.
When to pivot.

After getting married and feeling a desire to only pursue that which fuels my deeper commitment —I took inventory of every single endeavor in my life and asked myself questions.

The point was to arrive at clarity —without judgement, FOMO or feeling scarcity around whether or not something is bringing in a portion of my income.

And I was willing to let go of anything that didn’t pass the test.

Let’s dive into how you can also know when to quit —and when to keep going.

Take inventory.

Start by taking inventory —of everything you’re doing in your business, work, creative projects, etc. Make a list of it all.

In my case, this meant everything from this blog, my Academy podcast, book writing, MFA program, coaching group, 1-1 work, consulting, etc.

Is this giving you life?

Using your list from taking inventory, you’re going to ask yourself a question: is this giving you life?

It’s 100% binary —don’t overthink, justify or ramble: it’s a yes, or it’s a hard no. Use this for each of your endeavors listed above.

Is this working?

The second question is whether the project is ‘working’ —and of course, that’s both subjective and objective.

But your initial answer will reveal the truth to you, especially if you’re clear on your vision.

Do you still want to do this a year from now?

The third question is to look at you futureand asking if you’d still want to be doing the project or endeavor a year from today.

This is crucial because we often talk ourselves into staying with what’s comfortable instead of making a change ahead of time, when we could have saved countless time, energy and effort.

So, let me take the Resist Average Academy podcast —which I’ve been running for 5.5 years and felt a serious lull with earlier this year, to give you an example.

Is this giving me life?

Yes, the podcast still breathes life into me when I have deep, riveting conversations or step up to the plate solo.

Is this working?

It’s working but a huge part of my frustration is the downward slope of the podcast’s numbers, reach and engagement.

Do you still want to do this a year from now?

Yes, I do —it’s 100% in alignment, my favorite content platform and a place where I have a high skill set.

In this case, the podcast example was quite simple —keep going.

Now, what do you do if something is giving you life but not working?

You keep doing it, because anything that gives you life is worth pursuing simply for the fact that it does give you life and you can always figure out strategy.

And last —what do you do if something is working but not giving you life?

This is the hardest of them all, and it requires radical honesty followed by courage —to be willing to let go of and to invite a new opportunity.

Otherwise, you and I can talk ourselves into a circumstance we never wanted in the first place.