What would wake you up in the morning with vigor, enthusiasm and passion —even if you failed?

(Hat tip to the always brilliant Seth Godin for reminding me of this question recently.)

Take a step back and answer this question:

Because it will tap into purpose.
Because it will tap into curiosity.
Because it will tap into intensity.

And most importantly help you find something you love so much that the process is not a means to an endbut the end itself.

And when the process becomes the end itself:

You don’t rely on motivation.
You don’t rely on external noise.
You don’t rely on desperate desires.

And you sure as hell don’t get lost in a cycle of comparison, wondering why you’re not further along —and half-hearted dabbling.

When Tom Bilyeu pivoted out of his start-up after recognizing being rich was amazing but not fulfilling —he and his partners were looking for something purposeful, meaningful and mission-based.

And as Tom said, they’d be willing to wake up every day to tackle the issue of obesity through healthy bars people would want to eat —even if they failed.

This is how Quest Nutrition was born —and went on to become a $1B company that disrupted the status quo of the protein bar industry.

Here’s the crazy part of this equation:

When you find something you’d do even if you failed —you’re much more likely not to fail.

(Read that again.)


Because you’re focused on the process.
Because you’re feeling fiercely alive daily.
Because you’re detaching from expectation.
Because you’re turning insights into actions.
Because you’re already emotionally connected.
Because you’re allowing space for the unknown.
Because you’re not relying on random motivation.

And guess what?

By not desperately obsessing over results on a day-to-day basis —you actually create the conditions for massive results.

Here’s the reality:

I love results —and I work with clients to bring their ‘impossible’ dreams to reality every single day.

(This includes making 6 or 7 figures, launching their dream, finishing their creative project, directing their movie, recording their album and moving to the city of their dreams.)

But once we set the ‘target’we focus all the time, energy and attention on the process.

And the same goes with you as we enter 2021:

Craft a bold, riveting, vivid vision as well as 90-day targets —but then focus exclusively on the process.

So, let me ask you:

What would you do even if you failed?

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