“Tommy, this is excellent work, but, uh do you really want to start the book with that first question —the reader who doesn’t who you are you may be offended.”

My publisher called me and needed to talk —I’d submitted my manuscript for The Leap Of Your Life and was awaiting feedback.

And what they were referring to was the first line in the book:

What are you waiting for?

And I told them I was sure —because I didn’t want to write another book full of Instagram platitudes:

(We have way too much fluffy personal development that avoids real talk and instead placates our egos.)

I wanted to wake people up, and I knew who the book was for:

Someone who was capital R ready to change.
Someone who was sick and tired of being stuck.
Someone who was done with fear ruling their life.

And so no, I told them, this isn’t for everyone —and we were going to keep the line.

Because the truth is —this is the wake up call I needed:

When I was stuck aimlessly.
When I was living someone else’s life.
When I was tired of wishing and hoping.

I am sure many people closed the book after the introduction, labeling me a narcissistic ego-maniac who was challenging them but didn’t know them.

But guess what?

I also had people who had tears in their eyes, who felt shaken, alive and for the first time in ages they:

Got radically honest.
Got committed to change.
Got clear on what they wanted.

Sometimes in life —we need a kick in the ass, a wake up call, someone holding us to the fire in a way few do. 

(And sure, there are seasons where we need nurturing, deep compassion, and simply holding space.)

So if you’re out there creating insights, working on you personal growth but still haven’t made that decision:

What are you waiting for?

There will never be an easier time, life won’t be less busy —and you’ll continue to adapt to today’s pain.

Until one day, it’s gone and there’s only one thing left: regret.

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