I used to hide.

I’d play small, aim to be invisible —and pray to get lost in the crowd so as not to be seen.

I used to hide.

I’d dream in secret and do anything I could to shut off the voice inside who had the answers.

I used to hide.

I’d deny the part of myself that knew they were meant for something else —but followed the predictable path.

I used to hide.

I’d lower the volume of who I was so as to fit in —acting as a chameleon to the crowd around me.

I used to hide.

I’d lie to myself that I was doing the right things and it would pay off —knowing I was seeking approval.

I used to hide.

I’d live in a world of excuses designed to let me off the hook —and make me the powerless victim.

And hiding —on a long enough timeline:

Leads to the pain of untapped potential.
Leads to living a shadow life and career.
Leads to waking up in quiet desperation.

Make no mistake:

Hiding has countless benefits:

  • When we hide —we don’t have to own who we are.
  • When we hide —we don’t have to face our inner truth.
  • When we hide —we don’t have to deal with vulnerability.
  • When we hide —we don’t have to carry the responsibility.
  • When we hide —we don’t have to deal with other’s opinions.

But hiding leads to a painful existence, the nagging feeling that something is “off” —and we’re not the only ones who miss out.

(Everyone around us misses out, including people we’ve never met.)

It wasn’t until I asked a simple question:

Who would you be and how would you show up —if you weren’t afraid?

For me, the answers held the keys to my liberation.

And if you’ve ever felt like a part of you is living in the shadows between who you’re trying to be —and who you really are:

It holds the key to your liberation, too.

Hiding “works” —until we wake up years down the line surrounded by a life that isn’t for us.

I used to hide, but not anymore.

How about you?

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