You’re pushing the needle of your growth, leaving your comfort zone daily and taking courageous steps into the unknown —but why aren’t the results happening faster?

I get it —and here’s the deal:

There is power in urgency.
There is power in intensity.
There is power in ambition.

But like anything else —there can be too much of a good thing and we can find ourselves in a place of:

Thinking we should be further along.
Thinking we should have more results.
Thinking we should keep up with others.

And I’m here to remind you that you have a unique path —and you must trust your process.

While it sounds like a cute platitude to post on social media, trusting your process is everything, including:

Trust your desire.
Trust your clarity.
Trust your ambition.
Trust your North Star.
Trust your curiosity.
Trust your intuition.
Trust your daily work.
Trust your craft focus.

And ultimately —trust the person in the mirror from a place of deep respect, integrity and appreciation.

The reality is:

If tomorrow you got everything you ever wanted handed to you at your doorstep —how would you feel?

Sure, that may be awesome and you may pop champagne and have a dance party lasting weeks but then what?

When author Mark Manson hit stratospheric success with his book The Subtle Art, he found himself lost without a process:

You work your whole life with this idea of like, I’m going to accomplish my dream and that dream comes true, and you’re like, okay, now what? This thing that provided a purpose for you is actually taken away. Now you don’t have a purpose anymore. That really messed with me. Meanwhile, I’m sitting around in my underwear until four in the afternoon wondering what the hell to do with my life.


Because the results came much faster than he’d imagined —and he’d lost the part of himself we all have that is wired to chase the compelling horizon.

About once a quarter, I think to myself:

I should be further along as a writer.

(I’ve written every day for over 8 years.)

I should be further along as an entrepreneur.

(I’ve recently hit ten years of being unemployable.)

I should be further along as a performance coach.

(I’ve scoured the Earth to learn the wisdom of transformation.)

And then I catch myself —and choose to trust the process and focus on the step in front of me.

When that voice comes along in your life, because it will —take a moment to inhale and exhale and then ask:

Where can I trust the process in a deeper way?

Because the alternative is to quit way too soon, compare yourself to everyone else —and lose the momentum you worked hard to create.

Trust your process.

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