If you’re in alignment with thoughts, actions and words towards your North Star vision and making progress —you’re able to trust the process.

Let me explain:

While trust the process may seem like a cheap platitude posted by an influencer coming back from Bali:

It’s a testament of faith.
It’s a testament of growth.
It’s a testament of willingness.

And best of all, when you trust your process fully —and don’t break promises to yourself:

You can fully let go.
You can fully detach.
You can fully surrender.

So, how do you bring this to life?

Aim at your North Star with vigor.

This is not a passive activity while sitting on the couch cruising a pint of Halo Top —have a specific and vivid North Star that makes you emotional.

Take relentless action once per day.

With your North Star in mind, go above and beyond in your actions —let them show the world and yourself the level of audacious belief you have.

Stay in alignment during your process.

Alignment is a top-down congruence of thoughts, actions, language, people, places, decisions and choices. If you step out of it, use your comeback rate.

Be willing to trust the silence.

If you’re aligned, the space will feel like home. You’ll practice solitude. You’ll be able to shut it down. You’ll incorporate white space as a life amplifier.

See the process as the end itself.

Instead of living conditionally for tomorrow, what if the process was not a means to an end —but the very end itself? This one shift changes everything.

Release ego-based ultimatums.

If it doesn’t work in 6 months, you’re done? Don’t bother starting —everyone’s process is unique. If you’re doing the above, then time is irrelevant.

By trusting your process:

You show up every day in powerful ways, let your actions speak louder than your words —and move the needle.

But guess what?

You’re also able to unplug and step into the void without need, desperation or egoic mechanisms.

As the timeless Bhagavad Gita says:

You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions.

You’ll know you’re trusting your process:

  • When you show up every day.
  • When you feel alive in the work.
  • When you stop living conditionally.

And when you reach this zenith —you can rest easy knowing that it’s only a matter of time.

Whether you reach your North Star in 9 months or 9 years —it doesn’t really matter.


Because you’re having the time of your life.