You should play it ‘safe.’
You should find a steady 9-5.
You should apply for Law School.

You should be married by 25.
You should have 2.1 kids by 30.
You should have the corner office.

You should have a nice 401k.
You should own your first home.
You should save for your retirement.

You should give up on your dream.
You should get in line and be ‘realistic.’
You should grow up and be responsible.

Notice a pattern, a common denominator here?

When you fill your entire life with “should” —no amount of external success, reward or fame will fill the wound inside.

The wound of your most authentic desire, the clarity you know lurks deep beneath the surface.


The unconventional path is not for the faint of heart.

This one’s for:

The misfits, rebels, punks, dreamers, visionaries, creatives, artists, class clowns, thinkers, free-spirited rule-breakers who can’t deal with small talk and who look at the night sky in fucking awe —philosophizing at parties on the meaning of spinning through the Universe on this little blue rock…

I see you —keep going.

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