Most of us think we know what it takes to be the best, world class and on top of the game —but the reality is we can barely imagine what it takes.

Last night we re-watched one of my favorite movies of all time —Whiplash.

The movie features an aspiring drummer who attends the country’s best music school —and his path to commit to his craft with a mentor:

It is intense.
It is ruthless.
It is tenacious.

And a reminder that in any field, there is a level of commitment that is required and rare.

The reality is:

Most people dabble.
Most people are not all in.
Most people are interested.
Most people are half-hearted.
Most people “kind of” want it.
Most people want the easy path.

And there’s nothing wrong with that —it’s the illusion and lying to themselves that becomes an issue.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you treat your personal growth with vigor?
  • Do you treat your business like a hobby or CEO?
  • Do you treat your craft randomly or obsessively?

Most people would look at a film like Whiplash and think it’s too intense to have that kind of drive, but they’re missing the point.

We cannot fully express ourselves without a commitment to a craft, a dream, a vision that is bigger than us:

This is where we learn who we are.
This is where we hone crucial skills.
This is where we manufacture flow.

In a world of half-hearted, flaccid dreamers —do you really, undeniably want it or kind of want it?

Answer this question and watch the magic happen.

And then go watch Whiplash, for it is a masterpiece.

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