When I was most stuck, lost and trying to find clarity in my life, I would vicariously live through others —to experience what life on the edge felt like.

And of course:

It never lasted.
It never endured.
It never changed.

Enter vicariously living —through reality TV, athletes, Hollywood actors, entrepreneurs and anything in between.

And while there is nothing wrong with consuming any of these:

Vicariously living is a feedback mechanism for the pain of untapped potential.

Let me explain:

There was a time where I would spend every waking hour obsessed with the NFL —I would block off Sundays for games and 20 hours per week consuming content.

And as fan —I’d experience the highs and lows of winning and losing:

  • If my team won, I’d be on fire with enthusiasm and excitement.
  • If my team lost, I’d be stuck with frustration and disappointment.

But the reality is:

Neither would last and both were an escapebecause I’d always be left with myself.

What I really desired was to have someone else’s life:

A life of purpose.
A life of meaning.
A life of challenge.
A life of celebration.
A life of excitement.
A life of expansion.
A life of connection.
A life of significance.

And most importantly —a life on the edge, where I felt the thrill of chasing down my own dreams.

When I work with my clients —my goal is always the same:

Instead of being “motivated” by someone on the mountaintop —be motivated with your growth, progress and results.

Make no mistake:

I still look up with wonder at the greats but also with my own life.

Because I’m in the Arena with them —and you can do the same.

By doing so, you flip the script on vicariously living through others and pour this energy back into what matters.

And maybe one day —they’ll be living vicariously through you.

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