You’re a world class performer, ruthlessly disciplined and able to overcome procrastination unlike any other —as long as there’s urgency.

Here’s the deal:

Urgency drives focus.
Urgency drives results.
Urgency drives priorities.

And in a world of hacks, tips, tricks and endless content —urgency is the missing factor.

Now, when most people think of urgency:

They think of stress.
They think of anxiety.
They think of pressure.

And they’re wrong because urgency minimizes stress, deletes the unessential and provides clarity.

When I coach people who are stuck and not seeing the results they crave —urgency is always lacking.

They’re complacent, waiting to start “tomorrow” and lost in a sea of distraction wondering why it’s not working.

So, how do you create urgency?

1. Tap into the future pain of not doing it.

Visualize yourself in three years and you still haven’t done it —embracing how it feels to be in the same place.

2. Tap into the future possibility of the unknown.

Craft a future so vivid, specific and clear that it moves you emotionally from the deepest part of who you are.

3. Embrace mortality at least once a day.

This powerful reminder that we don’t have much time left —wakes you up and makes us stop waiting for permission.

4. Compress all of your goals by 50 to 75%.

You read that right —you don’t need the time you think you do and instead compress deadlines to create resourcefulness.

The reality is:

Without urgency —we are not compelled to take messy action today and instead wait until tomorrow.

As Steven Pressfield once said:

The sure sign of an amateur is they have a million plans and they all start tomorrow.

Ddo you have urgency towards your goals?

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