We don’t have much time left in this experience of life and soon it will all be over —and we’ll be taking our last breaths.

And in this place:

We’ll reflect on our dreams.
We’ll reflect on our loved ones.
We’ll reflect on our time spent.

All of the issues, grievances and fears will have melted away and:

We’ll be left with our truth.
We’ll be left with our memories.
We’ll be left with radical honesty.

And the question I’ll ask myself is:

Did I live it?

And when I say it —did I live the examined life as Aristotle said, did I run life into the ground like Thoreau said —did I explore the savage country Diane Ackerman spoke of?

Here’s the reality:

Embracing our mortality and recognizing it will all be over soon is how we create urgency:

Urgency to go all in.
Urgency to do it now.
Urgency to own a dream.
Urgency to overcome fear.
Urgency to live audaciously.
Urgency to stop playing small.
Urgency to make the bold move.
Urgency to say what we needed to.
Urgency to put ourselves on the line.

Personally, I use mortality as a way to create a level of clarity that can seem elusive to most.


I do death visualization meditations, visit cemeteries, close my eyes and remember it’s almost over.

Because urgency is the elixir we all need to avoid the comfortable slide to a life that is “okay” and “fine” —but isn’t what we want.

Time is running out —what will you do about it?

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