“Tommy, I looked over your content and you could triple your business if you stopped telling people it’s going to require courage and consistency —they want things easy.”

A marketing consultant told me this a couple years ago —and I told them:

“No, thanks —I’d kick my own ass if I was out of integrity.”

Here’s the reality:

While everyone else sells you 3-5-7 step systems and “you’re one funnel away”:

Here’s what to expect on your path —what 99% of other people won’t tell you (because it affects their marketing):

There is no straight path to success.

Despite the 3, 5, 7-step systems —success and growth are a hot mess on Saturday night with endless peaks and valleys.

Results are 88% emotional, 12% tactical.

Your ability to achieve your results like doubling income or launching —is about handling uncomfortable emotions.

High growth equals high vulnerability.

We tend to see only the ‘positive’ side of growth —but it also involves intense questioning, sadness, valleys of darkness.

The first step to growth is radical honesty.

Most people bypass this —and are unwilling to look in the mirror and say “this isn’t working.”

Making more money won’t solve your problems.

You can 10X your income, but if you’re still carrying pain and hurt from a decade ago —it will still be there.

The truth is:

People would rather “program” hop amongst those who get them high off dopamine and sell them a $5,000 product:

Rather than do the ‘real’ work.
Rather than face their emotions.
Rather than choose the long game.

But once the high of swiping the credit card has worn off…the tips, hacks, and tricks fade away.

And one is left with the work…the only real work.

Why not use all the energy chasing hacks on the truth?

That’s the game I play ?