Habits are one of the keys to success, to put as much of our lives that serve our future selves on autopilotbut they also must be shattered.

Here’s why:

Even the best routines can get old.
Even the best routines can get stale.
Even the best routines can get mundane.

And while cementing habits that serve our current and future self is non-negotiable —we must shatter our habits from time to time.

By doing so, we tap into both extremes:

  • The power of habits that raise our baseline.
  • The power of novelty that invites new ideas.

Between these two —we get a life of progress and a life on the edge where we’re experiencing wonder, surprise and awe.

So, how do you bring this paradox to life?

Establish powerful habits.

Choose habits like morning rituals, focused work, gratitude, meditation, creativity —and make them automatic.

Show up every single day.

Habits are all about reps, reps and more reps —value consistency over intensity with all of them.

Introduce pattern interrupts.

Pattern interrupts are small shifts in your day to grab your attention —a bunch of push-ups, blaring music you love, taking an ice bath.

Create novelty experiences.

Balance out your habits with new experiences —a random road trip, show up at Improv, listen to jazz music when you normally don’t.

So, yes —create habits that make your ability to show as automatic as brushing your teeth.

And then, using novelty, pattern interrupts and state-shifting experiences:

Experience the power of awe.
Experience the power of wonder.
Experience the power of surprise.

When you do this right, you experience a level of unbridled performance and a sense of aliveness unlike any other.

Create habits, then shatter them.

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