Rehearse your future so many times that you know every small detail, nuance and ounce of vividness —and it becomes your compass to filter every decision from.

Recently I asked someone:

Where specifically, with as much detail as possible —do you want to be in three years?

And I all I got back were:

Vague generalities.
Vague randomness.
Vague descriptions.

What they said sounded cute on the back of a Hallmark card but meant absolutely nothing.

And I knew why —this person was unwilling to give themselves permission and the ego was winning.

Here’s the deal:

When you and I rehearse our future —we shift our awareness and recognize all the opportunities around us today:

We notice doors opening.
We notice ways to arrive.
We notice others to help.

This is what I call the Test Drive Effect: that time you wanted a car but were unsure so you went to the dealership to give it a spin.

You smelled the fresh leather, you loved the feel it gave you rumbling down the highway —you took a mental snapshot of the aesthetic.

(In other words, you turned a “random” desire into a felt experience.)

And what happened when you left that day?

You started to see the same car everywhere —much more often than before you test drove it.

What happened?

Your awareness of what you desired came to life in vivid detail —and you rehearsed your future with you driving the car.

Because of this, you were now open to seeing all the ways you could find yourself in that experience.

Our lives, businesses and relationships are exactly the same.

And you can either rehearse your future every day —or scroll through social media and live vicariously through others.

One leads to a powerful life, the other to the pain of untapped potential and deep-rooted regret.

So let me ask you reading this:

How often do you rehearse your future?

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