“Tommy, I’m pushing the needle of my growth, making the boldest offers of my life and leaving my comfort zone —but uh, I don’t know if I can do this.”

I hear a variation of this often and I always say the same thing:

This is what growth feels like.
This is what change feels like.
This is what shifting feels like.

(Sorry to burst your #influencerLyfe Facebook bubble of 60 days to passive income without actually doing any real work.)


Leaving your comfort zone is not for the faint of heart —but what’s the alternative?

The alternative is regret.
The alternative is denial.
The alternative is apathy.

Unlike most self-development, live-your-best-life “coaches” —I never lie to my clients and say it’s easy:

Leaving the past behind isn’t easy.
Leaving the comfort zone isn’t easy.
Leaving the old narratives isn’t easy.
Leaving the familiar stories isn’t easy.

To quote Harvard psychologist Susan David:

Discomfort is the price to pay for a meaningful life.

So, can change be hard?

At times, absolutely —but it can also be riveting, full of wonder, awe, and holy-shit-I’m-doing-it moments.

You can’t have one without the other.

So, we can either choose:

  • An “easy” life where we stay in our comfort zone, buy our excuses and live vicariously through others —saying things like “must be nice.”
  • A “growth” oriented life where we step courageously into the future and build a reservoir of self-trust and resilience unlike any other.

We all have a choice.

Which will you choose?

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