You can’t simply ‘want it.’
You can’t simply be ‘interested.’
You can’t simply think it’ll be ‘nice.’

Not at all —you need to cultivate a burning desire in every fiber of your being that whiplashes you out of bed and gets you to:

  • Show up when you don’t feel like it.
  • Show up when nothing is ‘working.’
  • Show up when there’s no guarantees.

This burning desire, then, becomes the much-needed life force that will compel you to keep going when no one cares, no one is watching —and you’re feeling like an imposter.

Congratulations, this is where it all begins.


Shhhhh, here’s what your pseudo-influencer Life Coach won’t tell you because it affects their #LiveYourDharma course payment plans:

You will be tested.
You will question it all.
You will lean into your edge.
You will want to burn it down.
You will feel burdened by your dream.
You will be forced to look in the mirror.
You will realize you’re the one on the hook.

And guess what?

Your burning desire will be the much needed energy source to help you pummel these tests, so you can arrive at the other side:

A place of complete aliveness.
A place of complete absorption.
A place of complete engagement.

When you arrive at that place —you’ll tap into what everyone on this planet is searching for.

(No, it’s not a fresh Rolex, the Penthouse suite —or a little blue check mark.)

It’s a level of fulfillment that brings you to your knees.

So let me ask you:

Do you have a burning desire?

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