My girlfriend at the time had blatantly cheated on me, I was living in my parent’s basement and I worked at a soul-sucking financial services gig — where I dialed 300 strangers everyday.

In other words —it was clear that things were not working in any shape, way or form.

And at the depths of my lowest moment —I realized I was tolerating all of it.

In other words:

I had allowed all of this.

And worst of all, I was ignoring reality, shifting in and out of blaming and complaining and avoiding the truth of where my life was.

(That’s why I could name every player on any NFL roster, including their college.)

When I talk to people who aren’t where they want to be in life —I ask them a simple question:

What are you currently tolerating?

For example, maybe:

  • You’re tolerating a job that’s eating your soul and life force.
  • You’re tolerating a level of vitality that causes you emotional stress.
  • You’re tolerating an income for the last 4 years that isn’t working.

And here’s the deal:

When we tolerate something —we send the world a message:

About our self-worth.
About our personal standards.
About our commitment and desire.

And today —I wanted to share a simple blueprint to identify what you’re tolerating in life and choose something new.

Step 1: Get Honest

The first step is to take inventory without emotions —where are you really in life? Our lives always reveal what we’re tolerating with our results.

Step 2: Get Vulnerable

The second step is to fully own how we feel about the above —this not a time for Hallmark card, digestible-sounding, spirituality-laced lingo.

Step 3: Amplify Urgency

Now ask yourself —what if you wake up in 12 months and nothing has changed? Be detailed, specific and amplify the urgency to create change.

Step 4: Own Your Desire

Now, get incredibly, hyper clear on what you desire —without constraint, overthinking or any head trash that gets in the way.

Step 5: Start Today

Take one step —no matter how seemingly insignificant it feels towards the above —harnessing the power of The 1% Rule.

Personally, when I hit the realization that nothing was working —I made some bold commitments:

  • I’d stay single for a year to work on myself.
  • I’d ditch my TV and other useless distractions.
  • I’d invest in my first mentor and follow through.
  • I’d quit drinking for a year to be emotionally clear.
  • I’d commit to acquiring skills that made me grow.

And that next day —I started simple, but with the reminder that I would no longer tolerate a life that was holding me back.

And you can do the same.

What are you currently tolerating in life?

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