“I don’t have time for personal growth.”

But you have time to crush season 9 of the Kardashians.

“I don’t have the energy to start the business.”

But you have the energy to analyze Fantasy Football for hours.

“I don’t have the money to improve my skills.”

But you have the money for the leather jacket from Nordstrom.

“I don’t have the bandwidth to create content.”

But you have the bandwidth to go down conspiratorial rabbit holes.

Let me blunt here because too much content is designed to massage the ego under feel-good platitudes Deepak would foam at the mouth for:

  • Time is an excuse.
  • Money is an excuse.
  • Energy is an excuse.

And, don’t worry I’ve used all of these until I woke up stuck, broke —and in the middle of an existential crisis.

The reality is:

  • We make time for priorities.
  • We make energy for priorities.
  • We make money for priorities.

There is no denying this fact, if it is important to you —then there are three places it will show up:

It will show up in your time.

If it matters to you, then you will carve out the time in your day, week and month —to get it done.

It will show up in your energy.

If it matters to you —then you won’t need to rely on having motivation, you will simply do it.

It will show up in your money.

If it matters to you —then you will invest resources into it even if they’re not there…you will create them.

And so, there’s a real danger in having zero priorities:

Your time is aimlessly spent.
Your energy is randomly used.
Your money is erratically invested.

Especially in a world where platforms are using us, and you, as the product and making profits off your agitation —this can’t be overstated.

  • A prioritized life is the ultimate insurance in a chaotic world.
  • A life with no priorities is the ultimate failure in a chaotic world.

Which will you choose?

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