The fastest way to become the person who is living and breathing your North Star vision is to get off the couch —and into environments where your goal is normalized.

(This may have to be virtual because of COVID-19, and that works too.)

Let me explain:

Right now, there is a tribe of people who are already living the vision you’re chasing:

They have the results.
They have the income.
They have the fulfillment.

And to them —they’ve normalized your goal and know what it takes to get there:

The mindset.
The strategy.
The language.
The blueprint.
The challenges.
The commitment.

And because humans are the ultimate adaptation machines, there is no faster way to get there —than to surround yourself with these people.

For example:

  • If you want to be an artist surround yourself with people who create every day.
  • If you want to be an athlete surround yourself with people who train every day.
  • If you want to be a 6-figure earner surround yourself with other 6-figure earners.

Why is this so crucial?

Because our environments shape our behavior —and our behavior shapes our beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

So if you’re wanting to have a certain life, income, performance and fulfillment —get around those people.

Years ago, I was coaching one of my clients who was growing a profitable side hustle but was struggling with doubt.

He had a full time gig and whenever he brought up his project —people would bring his energy down, say it was ‘unrealistic’ and nudged him to play it safe.

(Not they’re fault by the way —sometimes the people close to us don’t get it.)

And so I told him to make a list of all the environments where like-minded entrepreneurs are hanging out.

And then get in those rooms.

Do the same and watch the magic unfold.

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