This is the worst time in history to have no aim.
This is the worst time in history to have no focus.
This is the worst time in history to have no goals.


Because when you and I don’t fill our time, energy and space with what matters:

  • We fill it with random noise.
  • We fill it with Twitter gossip.
  • We fill it with fantasy football.

Or worst of all we succumb to political garbage, YouTube conspiracies —and social media trolls.

Let me blunt here:

If you have nothing to aim for, nothing to strive for, nothing that wakes you up with a pulse:

You’re one step from a life, unlivedthe pain of untapped potential.

So, what’s a better way?

Have a North Star to aim for.

Humans are hard-wired to look at tomorrow’s horizon and be compelled, to strive for and aim for something —without this, nothing else matters.

Take an “plus or minus” audit.

Take a step back with the above and ask —is this (habit, person, mindset, belief, food, drink) serving the above?

Delete, delete, and then delete.

If the answer is no, torch it —and I mean it. This is not a time for timid action, this is your goddamn life.

Turn off notifications. All of them.

Most people have become Pavlov’s dogs to big tech, walking around like zombies and responding to every zip, swish and ping —break the cycle.

Start every day on Airplane Mode.

This is non-negotiable for performance and fulfillment —turn the phone off and start the day on your terms. Protect your mental real estate.

Complete a morning “you” ritual.

This is not some hack —this is how you tap into belief, clarity and remember what matters. Train your body. Learn. Do a consciousness practice.

Do needle-moving work to start.

Many do morning rituals then waste their creative energy scrolling —do work that moves the needle, taps into creativity, generates revenue or makes you “win” the morning.

Curate all media, information, text threads.

Be ruthless about this. Opt out of your college buddies text thread. Leave the passive aggressive Facebook group. Curate, curate, curate.

As Robert Greene told me on the Academy:

Become the curator of life. Edit, leave out the junk. But when you find something worth keeping, treasure it.

Set clear, identifiable boundaries —or else.

Boundaries are self respect. If your uncle keeps calling to discuss politics and you’re not feeling it —say something. Say “no” without a four minute explanation.

Surround yourself with driven people.

People with no aim love to hang out with others and become soul-sucking energy zombies. Surround yourself with people who are rising above the noise, and making progress.

Embrace your mortality.

This is not a dress rehearsal —soon enough we’re going to be 83 years old with life’s best moments in the rearview. Wake up! Change something.

Here’s the truth:

The result of not having an aim right now is not a lack of productivity or results —that’s cheap stuff:

  • It’s your belief.
  • It’s your clarity.
  • It’s your progress.
  • It’s your purpose.
  • It’s your emotions.

And ultimately —it’s the pain of untapped potential where dreamers become cynics.

This message is not for everyone.

This is for those who want to wake up.

There is too much fluff, virtue signaling, vague generalities in the world of personal development that mean nothing.

I wrote this because I’m tired of seeing skilled, talented people who are destined to become tomorrow’s leaders lose this battle.

Have an aim.
Have a pulse.
Have a desire.
Have a reason.
Have a purpose.

We need you to, and you need you to.

Will you?

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