Most people white knuckle the process of their goals, dreams and targets, missing “here” for “there” —and see the process as a means to an end.

But let me ask you:

What if the process was the very end you were chasing?

Let me explain:

We live in a world obsessed with outcomes, arrival moments —subjective markers of success.

These can be a certain status.
These can be a certain income.
These can be a certain position.

And so we chase the outcome —and see the process as something to “get through”.

But if the process is where you’ll spend 98% of your time, energy and attention:

You should love the ride.
You should love the pursuit.
You should love the journey.

This is something I teach and have done for years —and it has shifted the game.

Here’s how to love the process:

Dream big —start small.

Set your audacious goal and vision, but then start with the smallest possible action step.

Harness the 1% Rule every day.

The 1% Rule is all about the process and releasing the expectations of exponential growth and overnight successes.

Control the controllables.

You and I can control the process —but everything else is not worth paying attention to.

Detach with intensity.

To detach is to let the magic happen and step into the unknown with faith, trust and resilience.

Here’s the reality:

The late Kobe Bryant was special in so many ways —and one was his obsession with the process.

While most players talk about the “process” —Kobe loved it more than the outcome.

That’s an example of mastery.

And oddly enough, when you focus on the process being the end you’re chasing —you tend to achieve greater results.


The process is not a means to some end.

The process can be that very end itself.

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