You’ve defined a North Star vision that brings you life and scares you, one that represents the life you’re stepping into —with vivid details.

And then you start thinking about the “how”:

How you’re going to close the gap.
How you’re going to make it work.
How you’re going to bring it to life.

And within the how, because it is full of uncertainty and unknowns:

You lose your motivation.
You lose your deep belief.
You lose your inner desire.

As I wrote in The 1% Rule a few years back —the ‘how’ is where dreams die:

It is the land of overthinking.
It is the land of paralysis analysis.
It is the land of comparison to others.

But let me let you off the hook:

You do not need to know the ‘how’.

In fact, you can’t possibly know the ‘how’ —and wouldn’t want to know it anyway.


Because if you knew every step:

  • Where would the thrill go?
  • Where would the wonder go?
  • Where would the surprise go?

So instead of focusing on the ‘how’ —do this:

Tap into your North Star every day.

This is a practice to reimagine and meet your future self and let the emotions of the future come alive now.

Detach and let go of the above.

Once you’re done —detach and let go of your North Star as you focus on what you can do now.

Focus on one step in front of you.

Using The 1% Rule —focus on one step that’s going to propel you towards that mountain.

This sounds too simple, unsexy —and won’t sell out EDM-filled personal growth seminars.

It’s also what works.

I’ve spent the last 9 years obsessively studying the greats, the masters, the legends —the high performers of every discipline.

Whether musicians or monks, actors or athletes, CEO’s or Navy SEALS —or the world’s best parents.

They all have one thing in common:

They don’t lose time, energy and space thinking about the ‘how.’

Rather, they pour all their energy into the step in front of them.

Will you?