Change is hard.
Change is intense.
Change is difficult.

But guess what?

Change is the elixir to life, it is why we’re here —and it gives our lives purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

And if you’re resisting change, or wishing things would go back to the way they ‘used’ to be:

You’re denying a part of who you are.
You’re denying what makes you human.
You’re denying a source of deep fulfillment.

The reality is:

Change is riveting.
Change is inspiring.
Change is beautiful.

And ultimately —change creates those on-the-knees moments of awe, wonder and surprise.

Every few weeks or months, a client comes to me and says:

“Tommy, this growth stuff, this transformation work —it’s intense.”

And I always ask them back —what’s the alternative?

The alternative is staying stuck.
The alternative is living in denial.
The alternative is staying the same.
The alternative is waiting for ‘someday.’
The alternative is spinning your wheels.
The alternative is waiting for a handout.
The alternative is choosing to play small.
The alternative is relying on someone else.
The alternative is not honoring your greatness.
The alternative is the pain of untapped potential.
The alternative is never mastering the craft inside.
The alternative is not being the example for others.
The alternative is waking up at 67 soaked in regret.
The alternative is wasting 86,400 seconds every day.

Here’s the deal:

I won’t lie to you —sometimes I wonder, especially during intense seasons, why I push hard.

And then I realize this is what life’s about:

The six inches in front of us, the rage to exist, to leave it all out on the field, to not wonder ‘what if’ and avoid the depths of quiet desperation.

I don’t know about you, but I want to arrive at my last days knowing I didn’t “think” about doing it:

I did it.
I lived it.
I created it.

Whatever “it” means to you —it is part of the human spirit.

Change can be hard, sure.

But the alternative is crushing.

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