Most of what you think about success comes from a highlight-reel, instant gratification culture —leaving you with false expectations at best and sheer entitlement at worst.

Because the reality is:

Success is boring.
Success is plodding.
Success is methodical.

(Spend an afternoon with Lebron shooting hoops, Taylor Swift at the recording studio on a Tuesday or with a Navy SEAL and you’d be bored stiff.)

And most importantly —success is the compounding effect of moving the needle ever so slightly on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis across vast amounts of time.

Enter The 1% Rule: to commit to making 1% progress on your priorities towards a North Star vision:

The 1% Rule:

1% progress + daily application (consistency) + persistence (focus) + time (endurance) = success.

the 1% rule tommy baker
  • Use The 1% Rule to grow physically and watch yourself create a lean, functional body years down the line.
  • Use The 1% Rule to grow mentally and watch yourself be an expert in your field a couple years down the road.
  • Use The 1% Rule to grow in relationships —and watch yourself develop intimacy in your relationship for years to come.

And the list goes on.

Why does this work so well?

A year of consistent effort, on a daily basis, compounded across a year leads to a minimum of 3.6X growthall the way up to 37X.

(Take a moment to think about that for a second.)

So, what’s a practical example of this work?

Identify your 1% action —that’s connected to the main buckets of your life, which is connected back to the vision.

As of 2021, here are mine:

  • As a writer with a goal of being a New York Times Bestseller —my 1% action is writing 500 words every day.
  • As a business owner with a goal of being a multiple 7 figure earner —my 1% action is doing one sales pitch daily.
  • As an athlete with a goal of being fitter at 40, 50 and 60 than I am now —my 1% action is moving 20 minutes a day.

Of course, on 85 to 90% of days —I do way more than the above.

But when I don’t, I’ve still won because:

I’ve made progress, showed up for myself and have the emotional peace of mind knowing that I’m following through on my priorities.

As we enter the back half of 2021 —ask yourself:

What is the 1% action that you can use towards bringing your goals to life?

And if you need help, make sure to grab my book from 2018 —The 1% Rule here or the Audiobook version here.