Talkers talk.
Talkers shout.
Talkers criticize.

Talkers wait for tomorrow.
Talkers rely on motivation.
Talkers obsess over ‘hacks.’

Talkers wait for permission.
Talkers white knuckle the process.
Talkers speak in vague generalities.

Talkers get high off the possibility.
Talkers dabble, ‘try’ and have a Plan B.
Takers believe their own bullshit excuses.

And talkers blame everyone except themselves as they start to resent their own dream’s —because of the pain of untapped potential.


Doer’s show up.
Doer’s do the work.
Doer’s focus inward.

Doer’s do it today.
Doer’s execute regularly.
Doer’s avoid ‘hack’ culture.

Doer’s practice every single day.
Doer’s feel alive with the process.
Doer’s set specific and vivid goals.

Doer’s stack the chips and go all in.
Doer’s set ablaze any back-up plans.
Doer’s are surrounded by A players.

And ultimately doer’s find love in the process, show up regardless of how they ‘feel’ and —make a dent on what matters.

The question, then, becomes:

In 2021:

Will you be a talker or a doer?
Will you step up or step down?
Will you play small or show up?
Will you create urgency or “wait”?
Will you commit or have plan B’s?
Will you love the process or avoid it?
Will you consume or will you create?
Will you dream in secret or do the work?
Will you live in platitudes or get serious?
Will you wait for rock bottom or wake up?
Will you hang with enablers or seek mentors?
Will you avoid money or create your economy?
Will you blame the economy or acquire skillsets?
Will you run away from resistance or step into it?

And ultimately will you do the damn thing you’ve been waiting to do without justification or —waiting for permission that will never come?

So, let me ask you:

Are you a talker, or a doer?

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