When was the last time you asked someone how they were doing and they told you everything was flowing —and there was an abundance of white space on their calendar?

Yeah, that doesn’t happen.

Our obsession with busyness and a never-ending to-do list has consumed everyone from students to CEO’s and stay-at-home parents.

In most personal development circles, you’ll hear conversations around financial abundance.

While important, it’s only one part of the equation: time abundance is even more crucial.

In this post, you’re going to learn 9 ways to take control of time and get more done in a day than you used to in a week.

1. Never say “I don’t have enough time.”

By far, this is the most important: when we tell ourselves we don’t have enough time —we make it true.

We run around with an unhealthy level of urgency, feeling scattered and depleted along the way.

Change this first, and watch yourself operate with more clarity as you tackle what’s important —and move your life forward dailyy.

2. Get clear on where you’re headed.

How can we be focused and deliberate with our time if we have no idea where we’re headed?

We must have a clear, vivid and specific picture of where we’re going —otherwise we end up checking Twitter all day.

Start simple and with a general direction of where you’re going. As you continue to take action, your level of clarity increases.

3. Identify the 2 daily priority actions.

“But Tommy…I’ve got a task list of 19 things.”

We tend to seek the dopamine hit of crossing off our to-do lists, only to arrive to the end of our days knowing we didn’t do the priorities.

Flip the script and focus on one or two action steps that will move your business forward. These tend to be non-urgent, yet important.

4. Calendar everything.

Entrepreneurs will argue with me on this one, telling me they started their business because of freedom. But not having a calendar isn’t freedom…it’s chaos.

If it’s not on the calendar, you’ll lose it with 60,000 thoughts a day and an endless barrage of stimulus.

Most people hate their calendar because it’s proof of someone else’s vision —what if it was proof of yours?

5. Create time with mindfulness.

Time is an illusion, which means you and I get to expand it, collapse it and find ways to create more.

You read that right: you and I are able to create time.

Using practices such as meditation, walking, sensory deprivation, unplugging —we take control of our time and go from being its slave to its master.

6. Start every day on Airplane mode.

Show me how you start your day, and I’ll know how it’s going to end up.

If you start reactive, scattered and answering to every notification —you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Go as long as possible while staying on Airplane mode. When I work with clients, we start them out at 30-45 minutes and build from there.

7. Use Pomodoro to train focus.

In a world where it’s becoming impossible to stay focused and on task —we must re-train our minds.

My favorite tool has always been the Pomodoro method: it builds on itself and is easy to track.

If you’re new, start with one or two per day. As you begin to re-wire your brain, you’ll notice how much you crave this focused, uninterrupted time.

8. Stop saying “yes” to anything.

No decision occurs in a vacuum: the moment you say “yes” to something, you’re saying “no” to something else.

Most of the time, we say yes to everything around us —but pay the price with lack of growth in our own lives and business.

9. Shorten all meetings to 18 minutes.

You read that right: you don’t need a 75-minute meeting full of fluff until the last 18 minutes.

I use this with everything and it forces everyone to get clear, focused and on task.

It’s never too late to take control of time again.

Two thousand years ago, a stoic philosopher named Seneca published an essay titled, On The Shortness Of Life.

What he said was poetic, yet striking:

They lose the day in expectation of the night, and the night in fear of the dawn.

What does this mean?

It means we are constantly wasting time and missing here for some illusion of there.

The reality is:

Money is not the most important resource in the world —it is our time and energy.

When you take control of your time —everyone wins.

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