You’re taking daily action, blaring dopamine-fueled podcasts, crushing content like vintage Gary and aligning your chakras to true North —but where are the results?

Trust me —I get it —and I’ve been there countless times.

But here’s an unspoken part of putting yourself out there —and turning your ambitions real:

Choosing to detach.
Choosing to release.
Choosing to surrender.

(The Hustlers just cringed —and are now blowing me up on Twitter.)

In other words —choosing to completely let go —and eject into the void where there are no expectations or “need” for anything to happen.

Let me explain with something we all go through:

You lose your wallet, keys, purse —and are in a panic —because you’ve got places to be.

You scour your home, fling clothes all over the place and start to think you left it somewhere.

You’re in fight-flight-or-freeze, your focus narrows, heart beats faster —and now you’re agitated.

And you’re essentially blind as you check the drawer for the 7th time in the last three minutes.

(Consider this the metaphorical equivalent of hustling and pounding the pavement.)

In this place:

You’re blind to creativity.
You’re blind to possibility.
You’re blind to opportunity.

But guess what?

The moment you “let go” and accept your current reality —while detaching from the “need” to find the thing:

You’re open to possibility.
You’re open to opportunity.
You’re open to your creativity.

And then it hits you —you left the item you needed in the back of those jeans you never wear when you walked the dogs last night.

In other words:

The moment you stopped operating out of sheer desperation and the “neediness” of a result —you found what you were looking for.

And my friends —goal setting, creating a life and business that serves you —is exactly the same.

Does work ethic matter?

Uh, yeah —thank you Captain Obvious.

(That’s like the Phoenix weatherman saying it’s going to be hot in July —dude, we have oven mitts in our cars.)

But is it the only thing?

No, far from it —because detachment, letting go and surrender are the ultimate form of faith.

So as you go to “crush” your dreams —don’t forget to practice the art of surrender.

Otherwise, you’re going to miss out on some of the best moments of the entire ride.

Have you used the power of surrender in your goals?