Success is zeroes in a bank account.
Success is the majestic corner office.
Success is 50,000 followers on social media.
Success is the brand new Tesla in the garage.
Success is the sun-drenched Tulum vacation.


Well —if these are how you define success:

You will be imprisoned by the external.
You will be imprisoned by the material.
You will be imprisoned by the shiny toys.


Because the moment things change or the person you follow on social media gets “more” than you do:

You are no longer a success.

The reality is:

99% of traditional goal setting and achievement is teaching people to operate out of lack.

(Or worse, desperation and neediness —the ‘stage 5’ clinger who texts seven times in a row after a first date.)

Because if ‘success’ is the audacious goal, target and vision you’ve set for yourself, then by definition:

Today you are not a success.
Today you are operating in lack.
Today you are desperate and needy.

But what if ‘success’ was not an event —and instead, was a state of being?

A state of being is a choice.
A state of being is a decision.
A state of being is a responsibility.

And furthermore —by tapping into this state of being —what if you attracted more of what you are?

This is how I define success —and help my clients do the same.

And guess what?

When who you are is successful —your goals, aspirations and dreams start coming to you:

Less friction.
Less ‘hustle.’
Less neediness.

This is not some esoteric, pie-in-the-sky-talk —this is taking command of how you show up and allowing the world to mirror it back to you.

Now let me ask you:

Who would you be if success was a state of being?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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