Success and happiness go hand in hand, working in unison, lifting each other up and being predictable markers of a life well lived, right?

Actually, not quite —because success and happiness are not the same:

  • There are people who are incredibly successful who are downright miserable.
  • There are people who are authentically happy who struggle to make ends meet.

So, what gives?

Success and happiness are not the same —and yet our culture tends to treat them as such under these models:

When you’re successful, then you’ll be happy.

(This is the path of conditional living where you postpone today’s joy, love and freedom for some illusion of the future.)

When you’re happy, you don’t need success.

(This is the path of apathy, where there’s no point in striving and achieving because everything we need is right here for us.)

Both of these models are flawed—and lead to either chasing achievements like a desperate person who can’t ever shut it off…or missing out on life’s best moments by bringing a vision to life.

Hello, dilemma.

So, what’s a better way?

Separate these two in your mind, and while they surely have some overlap —treat them as independent endeavors:

The Art Of Happiness

Happiness is the world of self-care, emotional work, taking care of your mind, body, spirit, questioning your thoughts, curating powerful experiences and learning how to tap into emotional states of clarity, peace and freedom. It’s an art, a practice, a daily choice.

The Science Of Success

Success is the world of achievement, of tactics, tools and strategies to level up you craft, business, career and creativity as you acquire skills, put them to use and choose to put yourself out there in pursuit of access, options and financial growth.

And guess what?

When you work on these independently —you’ll learn how to manufacture peak emotional states without waiting for a promotion.

And then you’ll also be soaked in progress, one of the greatest human motivators, when it comes to your work.

The end result?

Your happiness fuels your success —and your success fuels your happiness.

Personally, I’ve worked my face off during the last 11 years and have helped thousands of clients do the same: 

To feel liberated and emotionally free today before I arrive at some goal….and then using this energy to bring something to life.

For example, I have a vivid and clear goal of becoming a New York Times bestselling author —and I can’t wait for that moment which I’ve imagined 2,000 times in my head.

But guess what?

I’m not expecting that moment to hurl me into some cosmic bliss, a quasi-state of enlightenment and happiness.

No, not at all —because that’s an inside game I work on every single day. 

However, instead of shrugging my shoulders and minimizing my desire, I actively pursue it today by writing every day, pitching publications, getting book deals and learning the craft.

These actions fuel my confidence, self-esteem and fulfillment.

And you can do the same.

Remember: success and happiness aren’t the same —unless you learn how to work on them individually and then bring them together.

Once you do, they become exponentially powerful in ways that will blow your mind.

What do you think?

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