You ripped your possibility wide open at the seminar.

Show, don’t tell.

You discovered your true life purpose during the training.

Show, don’t tell.

You recognized how to launch a 7 figure business doing your passion.

Show, don’t tell.

You uncovered the cheat codes to life’s mysteries during a plant ceremony.

Show, don’t tell.

You identified the can’t miss business idea that is going to change everything.

Show, don’t tell.

You recognized the places the ego was holding you hostage and keeping you stuck.

Show, don’t tell.

See a pattern here?

Whenever we experience a ‘breakthrough’, a moment of clarity and drenched in heart-thumping dopamine:

It’s easy to talk a big game.
It’s easy to shout one’s goals.
It’s easy to make declarations.

When I work with clients and we get to a place of radical clarity and life-changing insight —I always tell them:

Stop talking about what you’re “going to do” and chewing your wife’s ear off about your grand plans for world domination:

Become the change.
Become the breakthrough.
Become the radical clarity.
Become the deep insights.
Become the entrepreneur.
Become the transformation.
Become the soulshifting insight.
Become the values-driven leader.


Because talkers are a dime a dozen —and we don’t need more of them:

(These are the people who make grand declarations and then disappear once the high wears off.)


Showing is about integration.
Showing is about commitment.
Showing is about honoring process.

And once you stop talking —you enroll people who can feel your energy from a mile away and who want to be part of what you’re doing.

So, my question for you is:

Where can you stop talking —and let your actions do it for you?

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