Social media tells me the world is fragmented, broken, and going to hell in a handbasket —and yet the real world tells me the complete opposite.

And here’s the deal:

Social media companies profit off your stress.
Social media companies profit off your anxiety.
Social media companies profit off your triggers.

This isn’t some conspiracy —it’s basic psychology.

And these platforms are not ‘free’, not in any sense of the word:

They’re costing us our peace.
They’re costing us our connection.
They’re costing us our emotional freedom.

(And surely, I get the irony I’m posting this on one of these platforms —thank you, Captain Obvious.)

Worst of all, you and I have become the ‘product’ they’re selling and:

A good product is a stressed and angry and upset one.

(Cha-ching, advertising dollars!)

During the past 6 months I’ve connected, shared time, space and energy in the real world with people:

From completely different beliefs.
From completely different ideologies.
From completely different backgrounds.

(In fact, social media told me these people were the “other” —whatever the hell that means —and I should paint them as such.)

And the conclusion that I arrive at, one that you may as well once you venture out of the rectangular box that’s become a fifth limb:

We all have much more in common than we’re led to believe.

So, let me remind you:

The real world, the actual world, the world outside your home —is a beautiful fucking thing.

Surely, flawed and yet beautiful, and riveting, and thrilling because of its flaws.

And if you don’t believe me?

Go out into the world and have a ‘real’ conversation with another human being today.

Be present, notice something unique about them —ask them a question that has nothing to do with politics.

And they’ll show themselves to you, and maybe you too will be reminded:

This place is much bigger than the screens we carry in our pockets, and the companies on all sides who profit off our separation.

Escaping the matrix isn’t solving the riddle to some wacky conspiracy your cousin ‘discovered’ on YouTube:

It’s about seeing the humanness in others, having the ability to hold space without confrontation…and embracing nuance.

Now, that’s some sexy shit.

Are you with me? 😉

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