You need to post every day.
You need to ‘engage’ 24/7.
You need to crush YouTube.
You need to do Instagram reels.
You need to start your podcast.
You need to go on Clubhouse.
You need to ‘hack’ the algorithm.
You need to dance your face off on TikTok.
You need to hashtag #lifestyle behind rented cars.

And you have to sell out and copy what’s ‘working’ for others —and spend every waking hour on social media.

Yeah, no thanks.

(We’ve all met that person who can’t have a damn salad without taking 11 pictures of it living in a bizarre self-shot Truman Show.)

Here’s the reality:

Social media is not ‘real’ work.
Social media is not ‘real’ progress.
Social media is not ‘real’ marketing.

Rather, for many, including business owners:

  • It is where they ‘feel’ they’re making progress.
  • It is where they compare themselves to people.
  • It is where they distract themselves from clarity.

And ultimately —where they fall for the myth that they have to be ‘omnipresent’ as some popular marketer says.

And that’s bullshit.

The sad reality is the countless hours spent on social media could have been:

Spent on your strategic marketing.
Spent on your unique creative work.
Spent on acquiring skills to get paid.
Spent on long-term, effective projects.
Spent on building something that lasts.
Spent on the direct path to make a sale.

Can social media work?

Sure —but define what ‘working’ means.

Can social media be used to market?

Sure —but it’s a small part of marketing.

Can social media be used for good?

Sure —but it’s also used to destroy and distract.

The fact is:

The platform you’re putting the best hours of your best days in —won’t be around in five years.

And you can either be the person who spends forty-five minutes crafting the best caption no one ever reads.

Or you can choose to invest your mental real estate in being ‘so damn good they can’t ignore you.’

The question we must all ask is do you want to:

  • Be the best at Inbox zero or do your best work?
  • Be the best at TikTok dances or do your best work?
  • Be the best at ‘hacking’ likes or do your best work?

The social media lie is everywhere.

Are you believing it?

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