They tell you to live with passion.
They tell you to find your purpose.
They tell you to harness discipline.

All of these things are great but one of the most underrated parts of personal and professional growth is:

Identifying, acquiring and marketing valuable skills.

Because let’s be real:

Skills are what separate good from great.
Skills are what separate plodding from thriving.
Skills are what separate average from remarkable.

And so when entrepreneurs, freelancers or people with a dream of living with freedom and purpose say they want to grow —I ask one question:

What skill have you acquired in the last 6 months to make you stand out?

And unfortunately —in 99% of cases they say:

“Well, uh…I did more social media.”
“I’m working on learning marketing.”
“Well, I’m not sure…I’ve kind of, uhm.”

And I’ll be blunt: this is why you’re stuck, comparing yourself to people online —and questioning your damn path.

So, how do you skills into bank deposits?

Ask the clarifying question.

Go to your North Star Vision three years down the line and ask —what skills would make this possible? Then make a list of at least 20.

Take a step back.

Armed with a list of skills, take a step back —and identify the top two or three that stand out and you’re most interested in.

Build your skill game plan.

This is what most people won’t do —build out a plan to learn, practice and market the skill. When are you learning? How are you learning? Who is giving you feedback?

Put it on your calendar.

If you’re working on a skill and it’s not on your calendar, you’re destined to fail and forget about it. Not much else to say here.

Get paid to practice it.

Chances are, you can already market the skill you chose —and even get paid to get better at it. In other words, start marketing now. Stop waiting!

Find people who have problems.

Value is the art and science of acquiring skills and knowledge and finding people who are willing to exchange resources —for that skill.

Here’s the deal:

I cringe when someone wants to make more revenue and an influencer tells them to start a podcast or coaching program.

As someone with a ‘successful’ podcast and coaching program —these are not the easiest path to growth and money.

Now, should everything be about money?

Of course not —but getting paid for skills allows you to do more of the creative work that fulfills you.

And if you do it right —the skills you acquire will not only make you more money, but fulfill you.

What skill are you working on right now?

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