If you’re waiting for the dream career, the entrepreneurial opportunity, the call from Oprah’s producers to showcase your greatness —then you’re always going to be waiting.

And if by chance the door you’ve dreamed of does swing open:

You won’t be ready.
You won’t be skilled.
You won’t be prepared.

Worst of all, you’ll have missed your shot to arrive at the intersection of intense preparation and divine timing —what some people mistakenly call ‘luck.’

Let me explain:

Every few days I talk to someone who has the desire to be great —and yet uses their current circumstance as an excuse, saying things like:

“If I only left this job, then I’d be on fire.”
“If I didn’t have this boss, I’d be the best.”
“If I wasn’t in this position, I’d play all out.”

In other words:

They are living conditionally —and “waiting” for permission from someone else to showcase their talent, skill and value in this world.

And that’s a recipe for disaster.


Because any of us can choose to overdeliver and be great right now.

And since the bar is laughably low —because so many people do things in an average, mediocre way:

Being great means standing out.
Being great means being noticed.
Being great means acquiring skills.
Being great means taking ownership.
Being great means creating momentum.
Being great means developing confidence.

In other words: the skill of greatness is a choice we make every day.

Let me ask you:

When was the last time you had a spectacular dining experience?

The waiter or waitress connected with you, listened with intent —and were so welcoming that you couldn’t help but feel special.

And while this certainly takes work on their end, what Seth Godin calls emotional labor:

They’re already showing up to the restaurant —so why not give it that extra 10%?

And by giving it that extra 10%:

You gave them a better tip, you’re more likely to recommend the place to your friends —and they practiced the skill of greatness.

And trust me —when a waiter, waitress, cashier, insurance salesman, retailer, marketer, service-based business overdelivers:

They get paid more.
They get noticed more.
They get referred more.

And so if you’re out there and haven’t tapped into the career you’ve wanted —or are “waiting” for the right opportunity:

Choose to be great with what you’re already doing.

Make people smile, write thank you cards, look people in the eye —turn a “routine” experience into something special.

There was a time where I was at a job that most people would consider miserable —I’d cold-call a list of 300 strangers from 8AM to 5PM every day and pitch them.

And while I knew it was not what I wanted to do and I was barely getting paid —I showed up every day as if I was living my purpose.

(I’d pull up to the office clapping and listening to motivational seminars to amp myself up.)

By doing so:

I acquired skills, learned how to not get the phone slammed on me, cultivated confidence—and ended up getting noticed.

But I easily could have done what 90% of the others did —complain all day, stare at the phones and then find another gig.

The lesson is simple:

Stop waiting for an audience, for permission, for the “right” conditions in order for you to be great.

Be great —then watch the conditions arise.

We don’t need more average —we need more of what you have to offer.

Will you heed the call?

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