If you’re out there working on yourself, investing in your personal growth, setting bold targets and moving towards them, stop telling people —and instead show them.

Let me explain:

So often, people get riled up and excited about a new possibility —and then tell everyone around them of their grand plans.

“I’m going allllllll in on myself this year.”
“By this time next month I’ll be crushing it.”
“You have no idea of the results I’m gonna have.”

And while declaration to the right people is a powerful way to speak your goals into existence and potentially be held accountable:

Instead of “telling” everyone what you’re going to do —show them:

Show them with your actions.
Show them with your intensity.
Show them with your presence.
Show them with your consistency.
Show them with your commitment.
Show them with your relentlessness.


Because we live in a world of “talkers” —and too much talking actually distracts you from doing the work that matters.

Here’s how to show, and not tell:

When you achieve a breakthrough —be silent.

Do not shout it from the mountaintops on how everything is going to change —instead, become the change you seek to declare.

Let your actions do all the talking for you.

Most breakthroughs never turn into anything because once the high fades —the person is left with themselves. Commit to daily action and let that be your talking.

Declare your commitments to the smallest possible tribe.

Don’t go on social media and declare your aspirations —find one or two people who respect you enough to hold you to the fire when you need it.

Obsess over integration rather than breakthrough.

Integration is taking your breakthrough and developing a daily practice to integrate it —to take it from insight into daily action.

Fall in love with doing the work when no one cares.

Because I’ll be honest: no one will care early on —why should they? This is the time to cultivate self-trust when no one is around.

Personally, I have been on the receiving end of countless breakthroughs during my obsessive decade-long quest.

And I’ve made the mistake of not telling, not showing.

Along the way, I learned my lesson and chose to shut up and drop the ego while letting the work speak for itself.

People ask me all the time:

“Tommy, how are you so consistent and disciplined?”

And I smile, because the answer isn’t sexy but true:

I stopped telling people what I was going to do —and showed them what I had already done.

Because of this, I embraced the process, stuck through the messiness of growth and now fully trust myself.

So if you’re out there dreaming big and chasing breakthroughs:

Show, don’t tell.

Then watch the magic unfold.

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