On the pursuit of your North Star, of growing the business or bringing a creative pursuit to life —shiny distractions will be everywhere.

These distractions rob you of clarity.
These distractions rob you of progress.
These distractions rob you of consistency.

Let me explain:

With any endeavor, regardless of size and scope —there will be a point where you hit the what I call The Messy Middle:

Where the high of newness has faded.
Where the high of launching has faded.
Where the high of beginning has faded.

And it is here, where all of the sudden:

A new business idea sounds amazing.
A new side hustle path sounds better.
A new content slant sounds incredible.

And I’m here to tell you that in 90% of cases:

This is a shiny distraction.

Almost like clockwork, when I write a book —there comes a point 60 or 65% of the way in where I get an idea.

And this idea, I’m telling you —it’s a game changer:

“This is an instant classic!”
“This is going to sell big time.”
“This is the book I was made for.”

And it’s all a lie, an illusion, a carnival trick of the egothat doesn’t want to experience the suck of the messy middle.

Because after you’ve hit half-way on anything is where the real work begins.

So if you’re out there and experiencing resistance, if the high has faded, if the idea no longer sounds compelling —be careful.

Shiny distractions are seductive and will lure you in.

And you’ll too hit the same point with your shiny distractions —as another one emerges from the ether.

And the cycle will repeat itself.

Until one day, you’re done.

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