Shiny business syndrome is a momentum killer —the belief that the ‘next’ business, idea or project is the “one” destined to be a rousing success of epic proportions.

Here’s how this works:

You’ve committed to one thing but along the way —you get an idea:

This idea seems better.
This idea seems easier.
This idea seems exciting.

But the question we must all ask is:

Is this chasing another ‘high’ of starting —a convenient distraction from the main path?

Let me explain.

When I write a book —I inevitably hit a point where a fresh idea enters my consciousness at 100 MPH.

At this moment I feel invigorated, excited, enthusiastic:


I convince myself:

It will flow.
It will be easy.
It will sell like cray.

And all of that is simply not true.

It is a mechanism of being in the “muck” —experiencing resistance, doubt, overwhelm and boredom that doesn’t feel good.

So, what does my brain do?

It creates a new idea, project, side hustle, “arm” of a business —because it doesn’t want to face what’s in front of me.

Now, am I saying there is never a time for new ideas, businesses, projects?

Of course not.

But ask the question:

Is this an aligned desire —that I am willing to pursue for the next 12 months even if I see zero results?

(This is a great litmus test.)

Or is this a mechanism to square off with the “high” of my initial idea wearing down and left with the “real” work?


As Seth Godin said in the ‘Dip’ —be careful quitting in the messy middle when you were close to a breakthrough.

Trust me, I have over 60 domain names on GoDaddy, countless unused logos and have drained more ink on whiteboard visions than anyone you know.

But I’ve also been very wary of shiny business syndrome and see it all the time with clients and people online.

Have you ever experienced shiny business syndrome?

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