I recently announced a new book deal that I worked on every single day —for the last eighteen months.

And sharing the news was amazing —I got hundreds of comments and was blown away by the support.

(Thank you to all of you —you know who you are.)

But here’s the reality:

That was one snapshot of glory for months of doubts, starts and stops, wasted time —and tons of grit and resilience.

And every day, I experienced rejection:

Rejection from agents.
Rejection from editors.
Rejection from gatekeepers.

I pinned a chart with all the rejections I got along the way of securing my book deal.

(Yes, I’m sick like that.)

And I’d love to say:

  • There was a huge bidding war —but it’s not true.
  • The process was a guarantee —but it’s not true.
  • That publishers fought to give me a deal —but it’s not true.

(I’d also love to say that rejection didn’t sting after working tirelessly to even get to that point.)

I’d hear things like:

“Eh, we don’t think he can pull it off.”
“His platform isn’t big enough for this.”
“There are bigger personalities out there.”

And I share this with you, as a reminder:

  • It takes one client to say yes to you.
  • It takes one person to say yes to you.
  • It takes one investor to say yes to you.

But before you think it’s someone else:

  • You have to say “yes” to yourself.
  • You have to say “yes” to your ideas.
  • You have to say “yes” to your dreams.

Then and only then —can enroll others in your ideas, dreams and vision.

The reality is:

We all have to sell ourselves every single day.

The creative process of bringing our desires and visions to life is much too difficult not too.

(Contrary to the live-your-passion influencers and Facebook ads promising you it’s a one and done.)

And guess what?

When you truly sell yourself —everything changes.

Because no one’s going to discover you at Starbucks and Oprah is done creating careers.

But you control how you show up.

Seek rejection —or reject yourself.

Will you say yes to yourself?

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