You’ve done UPW three times, went to five virtual summits, started 75 Hard and did Ayahuasca in New Mexico —yet there’s no integration.

Here’s the deal:

It’s easy to be seduced by possibility.
It’s easy to be seduced by breakthrough.
It’s easy to be seduced by potential growth.

And yet, instead of integrating —it’s easy to chase the next thrill, seminar and ‘high’ with no end in sight.


Possibility, breakthrough and potential growth are sexy.

(They allow you to live in the land of empty dreamers, of ‘someday’ of “WOOO!!!! I’m on fireeeeeeee…and endless daydreaming.)

They’re an undeniable high.
They’re an undeniable firestorm.
They’re an undeniable pattern interrupt.

But what happens next will determine everything:

  • Will you do the messy work of integration?
  • Will you do the messy work of daily practice?
  • Will you do the messy work of embodiment?

This is where the magic really happens —when you go from possibility reality.

And let me clear here:

This ain’t sexy.
This ain’t easy.
This ain’t quick.

It won’t get you brownie points with your squad on social media as you trade Rumi quotes and Burning Man inspiration on Pinterest as you ou realize you’ve been seduced by breakthrough.

But guess what?

It’ll be what lasts and what becomes embodied in our life as people feel it when you walk into a room.

I can speak to this world because I was a breakthrough addict myself and I’ve met tons of them:

They tell you how to live a purposeful life, create a 7-figure business, prime your emotional state and have the answers a guru would foam at the mouth for…

With uh, minimal results or integration in their own life.

So, let me ask you:

Are you about possibility —or do you do the messy work of integration?

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