Today is the deadline to submit the manuscript for my new book.

And this is a culmination of eighteen months of daily, consistent work —towards one thing:

With no applause.
With no guarantee.
With no validation.

And of course, with no reward —except:

The reward of doing what lights a fire inside.
The reward of doing what you said you would.
The reward of doing what makes you feel alive.

This post isn’t about me —it’s about you.

Because for me to arrive at this finish line has meant saying no:

Saying no to revenue.
Saying no to distractions.
Saying no to social media.
Saying no to political updates.
Saying no to shutting it down.
Saying no to a $5,000 payment.
Saying no to wanting to be seen.
Saying no to recording podcasts.
Saying no to hanging at the pool.
Saying no to the cult of busyness.
Saying no to clients ready to pay.
Saying no to random phone calls.
Saying no to cold cocktails at 5PM.
Saying no to checking email all day.

The reality is:

You can do the work that pushes your capacity, demands the best of you, has long-term implications —or you can seek instant gratification.

But as Cal Newport said:

We just feel better, and more satisfied, the more we find ourselves focusing on a small number of hard, but valuable things.

I share this with you because I want to see you do your best work:

The work that inspires.
The work that endures.
The work that compels.

And in a world of endless distractions —I’m not sure you can pull off both.

So, I’m here to ask you:

What are you choosing to say no to?

Because by identifying this —you’ll point the arrow to what matters.

And I can’t wait to see it come to life.

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