Nobody cares.

No one’s going to read your book, no one’s coming to your event —and few people are going to care about anything you say.

(#RealTalk, like any truth, can sting a bit.)

When you get started early on — you’re going to get hyped about something, launch it:

And then realize few people care.

(Except maybe Grandma —because she’s badass.)

Yet, this is the moment where there’s separation — you either double down and go again, or you move on.

The truth is:

You won’t hit a Grand Slam your first at bat, and you better be ready to swing and miss.

(This level of pressure and expectations will ultimately crush you.)

When you really want something, failure becomes the path to clarity and certainty few are willing to take.

In a world of unlimited options, knowing what doesn’t work is actually some pretty valuable information.

The question is:

Are you willing to continue to put yourself out there when it seems no one is listening, caring or buying?

And not just once, but every single damn day.

That’s the test.

  • Be prepared to launch 10 business ideas, pour your heart and soul into them —and have one or two that work.
  • Be prepared to create 10 creative works, face your doubts every single day, launch them —and have one or two that stick.
  • Be prepared to ship your message countless times, create new programs —and have one or two that move the needle.

Ultimately, you will be rewarded.

Because the marketplace wants to know you’re for real and not simply another ‘wannabe’ who read Expert Secrets and got hopped up on 300mg of caffeine one time.

(And most importantly, you want to know you’re for real.)

I’ve failed so many times, it’s not even funny.

(But when reviewed, it doesn’t seem like a failure because it led me to my next thing, and the next one…and ultimately some big ‘wins’.)

I’ve been on countless webinars when no one showed up.

I’ve launched brick and mortar and virtual businesses that tanked.

I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words to absolutely no one.

I’ve created programs, experiences, and memberships that failed.

And yet, each one of these taught me invaluable gifts to experience my next success and breakthrough.

So the question becomes:

Are you willing to endure when your big idea doesn’t work and step back up to the plate?

That’s what separates the master from the masses, the professional from the amateur, the committed from the interested.

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