There is absolutely no chance of you bringing your dreams to life rolling ‘solo’ or surrounding yourself with energy vampires who tell you to “play it safe” —who are triggered by your growth.

Here’s the deal:

Most people want to see you grow —until a certain point:

Until your growth is a reflection of their drifting.
Until your growth is a reflection of their wandering.
Until your growth is a reflection of their being stuck.

And then, almost as a subconscious tick —they’ll start to tell you:

“It’s risky to go out on your own.”
“Are you sure that makes sense?”
“You should be realistic right now.”

And they enable your excuses to ensure you stay the same so they feel a little better about themselves.

(This isn’t a character flaw per say, this is human nature.)

Instead, surround yourself with real friends who hold you to excellence —and compel you to dig deeper:

Real friends push you to excellence.
Real friends hold you you accountable
Real friends support you unconditionally.
Real friends authentically want you to win.
Real friends ask you questions so you expand.

And ultimately —real friends are an invaluable resource along the peaks, valleys and plateaus of growth.

(Sorry, contrary to what the 22-year-old life coach says on Twitter —there will be valleys.)

Real friends will ask you:

  • “Are you sure it’s going to take a year?”
  • “Who can I introduce you to that will help?”
  • “I’m sure you can get there in half the time.”

So, how do you know who’s in your circle?

Look at your phone and the last ten 10 text messages —if 8 of those aren’t lifting you up and inspiring you:

It’s time to find more A players.
It’s time to enter thriving environments.
It’s time to surround yourself with driven people.

Let me be blunt here:

You can’t out-work, out-hustle, out-grit a tribe of C players because during those tough moments in the valley —you will quit.

And wonder what could have been.

Ask yourself —do you have real friends or do you have enablers?

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