Cultivate a rage to exist, a desire that engulfs you, a dream you can’t stop thinking about or find what you love —and let it breathe life into you.

Here’s the truth:

We live in a culture gone flaccid, turned comfortable —where everything we could ever need is at our fingertips and then:

We wonder why we’re lost.
We wonder why we’re stuck.
We wonder why we’re scattered.

No great life is built inside a temperature controlled room where we seek the easiest, cheapest, fastest route:

A great life is built on thrill.
A great life is built on meaning.
A great life is built on intensity.
A great life is built on challenge.
A great life is built on discomfort.

And ultimately —a great life is harnessed with a rage to exist, to be in the world, to do something special.

So, how do you do this?

Interrupt the daydream.

Change something, anything —to interrupt the daydream and get yourself to wake up.

Harness urgency.

We don’t have much time left —these 86,400 seconds will soon be gone and you and I will be a distant memory.

Live dangerously.

No, this isn’t about climbing Everest —it’s about doing one thing every day that scares you.

Embrace mortality.

Write your eulogy. Visualize your death. Take yourself to your last moments —what would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Don’t wait one more second.

Waiting is the killer of momentum —and we sit around waiting for the right “time” or permission from some external authority.

The reality is:

We all need a compelling horizon to wake us up today and inject our veins with the elixir of life —otherwise we lose ourselves.

Make no mistake:

  • Distraction is a sign of untapped potential.
  • Vicarious living is a sign of untapped potential.
  • Consumerism is a sign of untapped potential.

And living on social media watching other people’s highlight reel is also a sign of untapped potential.

This post isn’t for everyone.

It’s for those who believe in having a rage to exist.

Do you?

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